Girasole Photography



Adventurous and spontaneous by nature, I love to explore new places. My favorite countries to explore are Italy (my family’s homeland) and France. I look forward to exploring the world when my schedule opens up. My next stop will be Africa!  Each time I visit a new place I realize how much God loves us.

I enjoy taking photographs of people living their lives. Street Photography has become very intriguing to me for this very reason. It’s such a joy for me to capture a moment in time and in someone’s life that will not be repeated.  Street Photography makes me smile; people are so interesting and unique.  Street activity makes fascinating photographs.

My faith is very important to me. Being Catholic is a treasure I am grateful for every day. I have decided to add a blog as a place I can share with you what I have found helpful in my spiritual journey. Check it out! I hope my work reveals to you God’s active, loving, and relational presence in your life and in the world.