Girasole Photography



Spontaneous and adventurous by nature, I love to travel. So far my favorite countries to explore are Italy (my family’s homeland) and France. I look forward to exploring the rest of the world. My next stop will be Africa!  Each time I visit a new place I realize just how much God loves us; each new place is so unique. Each a gift to behold.  

I enjoy taking photographs of the many details in nature, landscapes, the Western lifestyle, and people in general.  Street Photography has become very intriguing to me.  I have spent the last three years studying Street Photography.  I look forward to when my schedule opens up, allowing my adventurous side with camera at my side to wander around downtown Indy, or Chicago in hopes of capturing a few unforgettable moments Street Photography can produce.  

My faith is very important to me. Being Catholic is a treasure I am grateful for every day. Time in prayer has allowed me to listen for the ever so slight movements of the Holy Spirit in my life. It was the Holy Spirit who nudged me a few years ago to share some of the beautiful things I have read and have learned along my journey on my blog. Check it out! I hope my work reveals to you God’s active, loving, and relational presence in your life and in the world.