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May 13th’s Precious Miracle

Do you look for God’s presence in your day?  Do you notice His goodness all around you especially in the little things?  I try be aware of  His presence and notice His goodness in my life every day.  I am excited to share this post with you because it speaks straight to His goodness.  One day (on the 10th of May 2014 to be exact) God’s goodness was revealed to me as I watched a Robin fleeing one of my blue spruce trees in my courtyard.   I sensed she was frantic and really did not want to leave her spot in the tree.   My maternal instinct sensed she was leaving behind something very important.  Carefully, I looked into the tree.  I could not believe my eyes… I was beside myself with joy…  3 perfect eggs.

IMG_8333.jpg May 10

My May miracle… 3 Robin eggs










IMG_8401.jpg May 13 Birth

This find is exactly what I meant by noticing God’s goodness.  I had to share this with you.  Each day forward I made 2 to 3 visits a day to check on my little guys.  When I visited the eggs on May 13th, I found a lovely gift.  This is what I found: LIFE… pure goodness, 3 precious little featherless babies!

















IMG_8405.jpg May 13 Looking for Momma

May 13  Hungry and impatiently waiting on Momma…















May 15  Momma protects and keeps her wee ones warm and dry from the rain















May 16 Welcome to the World…  Just 3 days old… exhausted yet content.Their bellies are full!
















Singing? crying? developing their vocal cord?  All three that’s for sure! Anything to hurry Momma along
















May 20 Feathers begin to sprout… covering their fragile, transparent, little bodies















May 21  More feathers grow in to protect their delicate skin… making lots of noise in an attempt to hurry Momma along. “We’re starving, Momma!!” (worm’s again? “Yes,” Momma says).  I know a young boy also complained to his Mother’s saying, “Jollof again.]”














May 23  Day 10   My three little guys are completely covered in feathers and very happy!











May 25th,at 9:27 pm ,I checked on my little guys… here is what I found:  baby 1 & 2!!  I was shocked so I recounted.  My first concern was that #3 had fallen out of the nest so I looked on the ground below the tree.  No baby bird… Thank God!  Suddenly it occurred to me that Momma had taken #3 out for his first flight lesson.



















May 26 at  5:07 pm I checked on my little guys… #1 and #2   My heart skipped a beat!!   As I gazed into the nest it was EMPTY!!!














My 3 little guy in two short weeks all took flight.  Flying, soaring higher and higher up into the sky, they explored the wonderful world that God made for us.  They were free; fully living their lives.  This was a bitter sweet moment for me.  I was so happy for them yet so sad inside for me.  These little guys, precious as can be, touched a deep place in my soul.  I looked forward to seeing them every day.   I am so thankful I noticed this very special ‘momma bird’ on that warm day in May. A lovely surprise? No a miracle!  What a blessing this experience was for me.  I will cherish this miracle for the rest of my life.  Thank you God.