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“…Every nook and granny of creation speaks of the beauty of the creator.”

_D4_7023“God is intimately involved in the world that He has made, and every nook and cranny of creation speaks of the beauty of the creator.” (Barron, Eucharist, 2008, page 23)

Enjoy this Glorious Fall day…hope you see His intimate involvement in the world as you go about your day.  I wanted to share this particular photo with this post as it exemplifies the essence of Fr. Baron’s quote.

I noticed this delicate creature in the nook of a large Agave Plant while traveling in South East Texas around The Big Bend National Park in April this past year.  This seemly insignificant bird captured my attention as the desert was so dry and still except him…flying around as if he owned the place.  I watched him fly until he decided to stopped his busy flight to rest atop of a dried bloom of a plant I was admiring this whole trip.  It was a very large Agave Plant; it’s tall unique stalks with clusters of dried blooms were simply breath-taking.   The detail was enchanting.  While on my trip I learned that this plant is more commonly known to the locals as ‘The Century Plant’ as it is has a very unique blooming cycle…it is in full glory bloom with cream-like blossoms on it’s stalk-like trunk only once every 100 years. Clearly a mystery to see a tree growing out of a low spiny leaf green plant.  This Michigan girl was mesmerized as I viewed this plant through my lens…I have never heard of such a ‘reproductive system’ in the plant world.  Looking around Big Bend, I saw hundreds if not thousands of Agave plants.  Boy they are so hardy…not to mention beneficial to human beings.  It’s best known for as a ‘natural sweetener’.  The Aztecs mixed it with salt and used it as an elixir to sooth wounds and infections.

God’s creativity fascinates me and His every way so Glorious.  His attention to the tiniest detail (this fragile yet hardy bird) and His unfailing love revealed through nature [Agave blooming once every 100 years] invariably brings joy to my day.

Blessings of His Grace