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Made in His Image…”clothed in God’s goodness” — ‘belovedness’ in God’s eyes

IMG_1087“Made in His Image…’clothed in God’s goodness’  ‘belovedness’ in God’s eyes…Julian of
Norwich, a 14th-century mystic, saw life as a process of discovering that we are ‘clothed in God’s goodness’. These days, in my role as a social work student in Boston, I see the struggle she speaks of reflected in those I’ve been asked to share my life with this year—many of whom, like the children in Honduras, have been told from early on that they don’t count. I’m coming, too, to believe that what she says is true for all of us.  I think I’m coming to see my life’s work in the task of recognizing each of our belovedness in God’s eyes, and reflecting that belovedness to others. Maybe in some small, humble way, we can be for each other the eyes and the voice of Christ, looking upon each other with eyes of love, and gently reminding each other that we are light, we are good, we are worth more than many sparrows.  Today, may God grant us the grace to see ourselves and each other as ‘clothed in God’s goodness,’ and may we take great comfort and peace in the God who counts the hairs on our head—who sees us as light and says that it is very good indeed.”

(FaithND, Reflection by Erin Ramsey ’09: University of Notre Dame)