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[Girasole]…St. Faustina desires her love to be turned to the sun [Son]

_D4_6191One of my best decisions I made in the past two years in my faith formation was to begin reading The Divine Mercy in My Soul Diary by St. Faustina Kowalska.  Each time I read from her Diary, I am profoundly inspired by her love for Christ, her discipline to her faith, His presence in her life and how the Holy Spirit speaks to my soul through her faith.    I admire her intense yet gentle single eye for the Lord.  The Diary entry below is only one example of how the Holy Spirit speaks to me through her life.   My spirit has found a connection to her soul…it’s simple, beautiful and miraculous.  If you do not know St. Faustina, I recommend reading her Diary.  Through each entry you will get to know her interior in such a profound way and I promise that the Holy Spirit, working through her life, will ignite your soul in a life-giving way.  She directs you to turn to the sun [Son]…Jesus Christ…the only One who can bring you back to the Father. Through Him, in Him and with Him…in unity of the Holy Spirit all Glory and honor is Yours forever and ever.

“O My Jesus, delight of my heart, You know my desires. I should like to hide from people’s sight so to be like one alive and yet not living. I want to live pure as a wild flower; I want my love always to be turned to You, just as a flower that is always turning to the sun [Son] [girasole]. I want the fragrance and the freshness to the flower of my heart to be always preserved for You alone. I want to live beneath Your divine gaze, for You alone are enough for me. When I am with You, Jesus, I fear nothing, for nothing can do me harm.” (St. Faustina, Divine Mercy in My Soul Diary, 2008; entry 306, pg. 141)